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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PST

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using an app. somehow they're innovative entrepreneurs. so, you guys have to do something about this or forget about making any money. you ruined the lives of a lot of drivers already. come on, do something. you know, hire some investigators out there. do your job. >> thank you. anyone else care to address the board under the public comment? okay, seeing none public comment period is closed. director brinkman. >> could we please, director reiskin, get some kind of update on where we stand with not only hiring -- budgeting to hire new inspector to taxi administrative services, but also just where we stand on what we can do about lift inside car and car to go? i did read the new puc rulings. i have to admit i'm a little lost as to where that leaves us and what our options are now. i think it would be really helpful to get an update on that. i know it concerns -- it
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concerns all of us as city people and taxi riders. >> especially the insurance part. >> especially the insurance part. it worries me to have people getting into these cars with people they have no idea who they are. >> i would second the request on the inspectors. i think one of the sort of promises we made in the industry about raising all this revenue is that we at least use some portion of it for enforcement. you know, i don't know what mr. heely is referring to, but i think rather than speculate who is blocking what, if we can have a report on where we are with hiring enforcement officers, that might be the way to go. >> thank you, director reiskin. [speaker not understood]. >> the consent calendar, these items are considered to be routine and will be acting upon by a single roll call vote unless a member of the public or member of the board wishes to discuss an item separately. mr. chairman, no member of the public has asked that an item be severed, sought matter -- consent calendar is in your hand. >> any member of the board -- in that case consent calendar is there a motion. >> motion to approve.
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>> is there a second? >> second. a any further discussion? all in favor a aye. >> aye. >> the ayes have it. >> [speaker not understood]. whether to conduct a closed session. >> is there a motion to conduct a closed session? >> motion to conduct the closed session. >> we can do that? >> is that all right? >> is there a second? >> second. >> any further discussion? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> [speaker not understood] we are in closed session. thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. >> and, mr. chairman, take me [inaudible] >> the city attorney but took no action. the board [inaudible] and that the real property negotiators took no action. member hot it would be appropriate to take a motion or disclose or not disclose? >> [speaker not understood]. >> we are adjourned. however -- >> however. >> let's have the tv thing go off for a moment.
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[adjourned] ...
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